Harisal Eco Tourism

Harisal Eco Tourism — Top 8 reasons why you should visit Harisal — the nodal village in Melghat.

  1. Animal lovers will have a great time visiting over 650 species in fauna which includes species of Deer, Sloth bears, other rare and endangered species like Flying squirrel, Honey badger, Pangolins and even occasional tiger through Jungle Safari. There is an added bonus if you are a nature lover too, as you can spend some amazing time in the serene and secluded reserved forest.







2. Want to experience Forest trekking from a long time? You can do that too as we know the forest trek routes that cover the best of Melghat reserve, you can also carry food along with you to spend some quality time with your friends & family amidst the seasonal waterfalls :)





3. Want to take a break from the busy hectic city life and relax amidst the nature along with proper village stay experience in traditional tribal houses? You can select ‘Home stay’ accommodation with basic but comfortable facilities which reflect a cozy lifestyle with home-cooked food and amazing rural experience.



Home Stay

You can also choose ‘Machan stay’ if you are curious to experience a stay like a local farmer in the middle of the field, surrounded by lush forest and serene atmosphere.



Machan Stay

4. Be ready to get mesmerized by the history and culture of Melghat and dances performed by the Korku who are an Adivasi ethnic group in the adjoining areas near Melghat Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra. The Korkus are excellent agriculturists and they have pioneered the cultivation of coffee and potato in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. They speak in Korku, a language which is prominently classified as one of the Munda languages. Their traditional dance is called as “Gadli Susun”. So what are you waiting for? Come join us for a memorable cultural night by the locals of Harisal and experience the rich tradition of the tribe.



5. “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world”

— George Washington.

Want to experience how it is to be in a farm and the efforts farmers put in to serve the nation? Then you can try your hand at farming techniques and learn about farming practices real-time.



Farming Demonstration

6. Adventure travelers can enjoy a bunch of adventure activities such as swimming and kayaking in the Sipna river which flows across the village and feel closely connected to the nature.




7. How can we forget our bird lovers who love watching rare yet wonderful species of birds? Let us keep it in mind that Melghat is a heaven for ornithologists and budding bird watchers as you can witness over 300 species of common and rare birds.

Interesting fact: The Forest Owlet, a species long thought extinct was rediscovered 113 years later in 1997.







8. You can also visit Chikhaldara (hill station) which is known for its historic significance in Mahabharata and for its scenic beauty which can be experienced from Devi Point, Vairat (highest point of Melghat [1188m] and is the only coffee-growing region in Maharashtra), Gawilgarh Fort.





Interested in DIY stuffs? You can learn the craft of making simple yet useful items like a woven basket, a toy or a key chain holder as our skilled bamboo artisans will walk you through the techniques :)



Woven Bamboo Basket

These are only the top 8 reasons to visit Harisal, to explore more about rural tourism and wildlife in Harisal visit our website www.harisalecotourism.com


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